E-Learning Management Systems
E-Learning is the model of education that is expected to prevail in the coming years to become an essential part of the educational process in different educational institutions, and the educational model preferred by most individuals. This gradual trend towards E-Learning is taking place in view of the increasing conviction of the benefits it adds to the different aspects of the educational process and its power to solve most educational problems.

Following the study of the Arab market, Harf has paid special attention to offer the systems and solutions needed by Arab and Islamic educational institutions that are consistent with our culture and with the Arabic language, while taking into account the global trends in the area of E-Learning, and the changes and new directions in teaching and learning.
As a service for the Arab region, Harf has developed an advanced system for the management of E-Learning, a “Learning Management System” (LMS) which includes all the functions and services needed at universities and schools for managing learning and education. The system is composed of several sub-systems: An Admission and Enrollment System, a Course and Lesson Building System, a Learner Follow-up System, an Electronic Testing System, an Assignment System, A Grade Book System, a Virtual Classroom System, Electronic Mail, Academic Discussion Forums, all within the framework of international E-Learning standards and specifications – such as SCORM and IMS.