Islamic Content Services for Mobile Operators
Harf Information Technology is recognized for specializing in the field of Islamic and cultural content and preparing it for digital publication in various media and on different platforms. Harf was one of the pioneer companies in the Muslim world that specialized in publishing e-Content, while ensuring its authentication and confirmation by different authoritative organizations, such as Al-Azhar in Egypt and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Dawah and Guidance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Islamic content is presented as one of the services offered by mobile networks; these services take the following forms:
1- SMS (text) Messages: Different sms messages can be sent daily or as specified by the customer.
2- MMS (text, images, video, and audio) Messages: These are daily messages.
3- WAP (text, images, audio) Messages. ... More >>
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Islamic Applications for Handheld Devices and Mobiles
  Harf is considered as one of the leading companies to develop a number of programs and applications for handheld computer devices and mobile phones, including:  
1- The Holy Quran Digital Book (Arabic/English)
  The Holy Quran Digital Book, with English translation, is a pioneering device and the most comfortable one to assist users in learning and memorizing the Holy Quran. This device is distinguished with its modern style, its compact size, its portability and its advanced technology.
2- The Holy Quran for Windows CE (Pocket PC)
  This software has a multitude of features and services including: the display of the Quranic text in Uthmanic calligraphy, the explanation of difficult words on the screen, the differentiation between the different rules of recitation with different colors, the audio recitation by famous reciters, in addition to the interpretation of the Quran and the translation of its meanings into different languages.
3- The Collection of Harf Programs for Mobile Phones
  For the first time a collection of Islamic programs is incorporated into a mobile phone. Harf has developed a distinguished collection of Islamic programs for one of its clients to incorporate into the operating system of one of the new mobile devices, specially-designed for serving Muslims worldwide, as it offers the following applications:
The complete text of The Holy Quran in Uthmanic calligraphy, together with a full English translation of its meanings and a number of other services.
Prayer Times: calculated using the most accurate scientific methods for more than 4,000 cities in 200 countries.
Qiblah Direction: Wherever you may be, you may now determine the correct direction of the Qiblah for prayers using one of several methods: either by using an integrated compass, based on the direction of the sun, or the moon.
Date converter: to accurately and easily convert Gregorian dates into Hijri dates and vice-versa.