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Sheikh Bin Baz Website
The aim of this project is to build an official web site of Sheikh Abdul-Aziz bin Baz to include the entire works of Sheikh Bin Baz: his Fatwas, writings, essays, treatises and lectures that tackle the contemporary issues of the Muslim communities.
  The site also contains an audio library of the sermons, lessons and lectures delivered by Sheikh Bin Baz.
  The site comprises a complete biography of Sheikh Bin Baz, featuring his life and praiseworthy efforts in about 700 pages, relying on "Al-Injaz fi Tarjamat Al-Shaikh Abdul-Aziz bin Baz" by Abdul-Rahman Yusuf Al-Rahmah
  The site is distinguished with abundance, variation and comprehension of its material that cover many Islamic information. Rich in excellent juristic features, the site enables its visitors to navigate it through different entries, depending on classification, organization and juristic indexing, such as the indexes of Qur'an, Hadith and Fatwas related to jurisprudence, Tafsir, Hadith, Da`wah, etc.
  The visitor can search the entire content of the site for a word or group of words, or for a subject through a detailed and comprehensive subject tree.
  The site is time and occasion sensitive, since it features the Fatwas of Sheikh Bin Baz regularly in a way to suit current time and events. The site aims to disseminate knowledge in an interesting way and to help students comprehend knowledge, based on the principles and methodology of Sheikh Bin Baz.

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