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Harf Information Technology a Main Sponsor of the conference on "Information Technology and the Sciences of Shari'ah and the Arabic Language", Imam Muhammad bin Sa'ud Islamic University
Harf Information Technology is honored to be one of the main sponsors of the Conference on "Information Technology and the Sciences of Shari'ah and the Arabic Language", which is held under the patronage of his Highness, Dr. Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Anqari, Minister of Higher Education. The conference is organized by the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information at Imam Muhammad bin Sa'ud Islamic University. It will be held on Tuesday 16/2/1428 AH.
Harf Participates in the Exhibition of the "First International Symposium on Computers and the Arabic Language", at King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology
In view of the Company's great interest and prominent role in the field of information technology in relation to supporting the Arabic Language on the levels of research, development and applications, Harf Information Technology will participate in the "First International Symposium on Computers and the Arabic Language & Exhibition (ISCAL 2007)" held at King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology, under the patronage of the Custodian of the two Holy Mosques (may Allah protect him) during the period from 5-9 Rabi' I, 1428 AH corresponding to 24-28 March, 2007.
Harf Information Technology signs a contract for the Qur'an Memorization E-School with the Holy Qur'an Memorization International Organization
Harf recently signed with the Holy Qur'an Memorization International Organization a contract to develop an E-school for Qur'an Memorization on the Internet.
The website will allow visitors who wish to learn and memorize the Holy Qur'an everywhere easy access to sign in its circles and join in distance learning, which will help expand the target audience that benefits from Qur'an memorization projects.
Harf Information Technology signs a contract for a Teachers' E-Training Program with the Ministry of Education,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Harf recently signed with the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a contract to develop a new Teachers e-Training Program.
The Company will undertake to develop an e-learning portal based on the Tadarus system developed by Harf to manage e-learning activities within the framework of this contract. The portal web site will include training courses to be developed with multimedia technologies to offer interactive educational training that will serve more than half a million teacher in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
His Royal Highness Prince Sultan ibn Abd El-Aziz
Inaugurates the Website The inauguration ceremony of the website developed for the Saudi of Islamic Affairs Ministry was held under the auspices of His Royal Highness Prince Sultan ibn Abd El-Aziz, the Second Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense and Aviation, in his Highness's office. Engineer Ahmad Abd El-Aziz represented Harf at the event which was covered by the Saudi Television and a number of newspapers, such as Al-Jazeera, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Al-Watan, and Al-Hayat.
The First Electronic Encyclopedia of the Scientific Signs in the Qur'an and the Sunnah
Dr. 'Abdullah ibn 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Muslih, Secretary General of the International Commission on Scientific Signs in the Quran and the Sunnah, and Dr. Ibrahim Salih al-Nomay, the General Manager of Harf Information Technology, signed an agreement to prepare the first and largest electronic encyclopedia on the scientific signs in the Quran and the Sunnah. The project will be carried out under the auspices of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Religious Endowments and Islamic Affairs (Awqaf).
It has been agreed to publish this encyclopedia in two languages, Arabic and English. It will cover all the scientific matters mentioned in the Qur'an and Sunnah, with a comprehensive selection of the verses and Hadith that relate to these scientific signs, along with their commentaries and explanations. The contract includes an eight thousand page research prepared by leading scientists and jurists, which will be supported by electronic means, such as photographs, video clips, and visual presentations.
IslamWeb: The Best Arabic Educational Website
IslamWeb achieved important success and international recognition by winning the first prize in a competition among Arab websites, when it was chosen as the best Arabic e-Learning and Training site. This is also tacit success for Harf Information Technology, as it was the company that developed the e-Learning system for IslamWeb, using the Tadarus system that was created by Harf. Harf also provided the curriculum for the Qur'anic recitation and memorization and for teaching the Arabic language.
IslamWeb, which is registered by the Ministry of Awaqf and Islamic Affairs in Qatar, won first place in the World Summit Award for the Information Society (WSA) based in Austria. This was an international competition to choose the best e-applications and contents from around the world to encourage further developments.
More than 750 products were nominated for the competition from 168 countries from all the different continents of the world.
Yusuf Al-Kawari, the Vice-Chairman of IslamWeb said that this achievement is a source of pride for Arabic websites.
Harf Wins in the National e-Content Competition!
Harf Information Technology was awarded the second and third places in the area of e-entertainment and the fifth place in the area of e-culture and civilization, in the national Award of Egypt for E-Content Competition.
The competition was organized by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), which invited all the companies, authorities, and individuals working in the field of e-content to present their best products.
The winners will be representing Egypt in the World e-Content Competition, which will be held during the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis 2005. The summit will be held under the auspices of His Excellency, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology. ITIDA will be responsible for the administration of the summit.
Eng. Maged Hagazy, Harfs Marketing Manager, received the three prizes in a big ceremony attended by Egypts Minister of Communications and leading key persons in the field of Information Technology and e-Content.
Harf Presentation at the Microsoft Development Conference
At the inauguration of the Middle East Microsoft Development Conference, Harf Information Technology was chosen by Microsoft Egypt to present its main achievements, together with an overview of the partnership between both companies and their joint projects.
Eng. Maged Hegazy, Harfs Marketing Manager, gave an overview of the companys history and its main areas of business. He explained the importance of the partnership with Microsoft and its positive impact on both sides.
Furthermore, he talked about the new "Learning the Internet" program produced in collaboration with Microsoft, in the framework of the Economical PC for Every Household initiative.
It is worth mentioning that Mr. Bill Gates has attended this conference in the last two years.
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Harf Information Technology has recently succeeded in becoming a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. The effect of this partnership will be reflected in a joint cooperation between the two companies in the marketing, sales and technical areas, and all Harf's software will now be developed using special Microsoft technologies. Harf worked on a number of projects with Microsoft in the fields of Information Worker Solutions and ISV/Software Solutions, which enabled it to qualify for this partnership.
Release of The Madinah Holy Quran for Computer Publishing
The Secretary General of the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Qur'an, Dr. Muhammad ibn Salim ibn Shadid Al-'Ufi, announced that a unique software has been produced for researchers, students, and others, called: The Madinah Holy Quran for Computer Publishing.
The Secretary General explained that the new software: The Madinah Holy Quran for Computer Publishing, is the fruit of more than three years of diligent work, under the supervision of the Computer and academic departments of the Complex, in cooperation with Harf Information Technology. The project was initiated on a directive from the Minister for Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Dawa, and Guidance, the General Supervisor of the Complex, Sheikh Salih Abdul Aziz Al Al-Sheikh, to benefit the work of the Complex from new technologies and computer software, and to utilize them in the service of the Holy Qur'an and its sciences and also the purified Prophetic Sunnah.
Dr. Al-'Ufi reviewed the advantages of the new software, which include the option of entering and inserting Quranic verses directly into text design and editing programs, such as MS-Word, Photoshop, and others, in a font that matches the handwritten calligraphic style used to write The Madinah Holy Quran. This is an important feature that is not available in many other similar programs.
Dr. Al-'Ufi added that some other unique advantages of the program are the speed and accuracy of the search results from the whole Holy Quran, its ease of use even by non-specialists, and its simple elegant design. There are also many other options that facilitate its use, such as the option to control the font size and color, to control where references for quoted verses are inserted, and the ability to enclose the Qur'anic text in decorative brackets, and many other useful features.
The software can be used to connect to the website of the Complex for continual updates and improvements, and also to avoid any technical problems or errors that may appear in the future.
There is a version of the program that operates on Mac operating systems, which includes most of the features available on the Windows version, as few programs offer this service for Mac computers.
His Excellency Sheikh Salih ibn Abd El-Aziz Al El-Sheikh Commends Harf
Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nomay, Harf General Manager, recently paid a visit to His Excellency Sheikh Salih ibn Abd El-Aziz Al El-Sheikh, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Daawah, and Guidance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during which he presented an overview of Harf. On his part, His Excellency the Minister commended the role performed by the company in serving Islam. He also called for additional efforts towards accomplishing the companys two major objectives, i.e., adapting technological means to serve the various branches of Islamic Shari'ah and to operate within systems governing profit-seeking companies.
Dr. Al Nomay signs a contract in favor of the Shura Council
Harf's General Manger - Dr. Ibrahim bin Salih Al Nomay signed a Counseling Study Contract for Developing the Works of Shura Council in order to establish (An E-government for the Council) with His Eminence the President of Shura Council Sheikh Salih bin Abdullah bin Hameed on Tuesday, 2/11/1425 A.H. in the presence of Shura Council Deputy President Mr. Bakry bin Salih.
By virtue of the said contract, Harf shall provide the technical and technological consultancy and supervision of the building up of an e-Environment Work Structure for the purpose of implementing the Council's internal and external procedures and works with high competence and accuracy as well as building up a work flow system, structuring an e-portal to be used internally and externally in addition to building an integrated information system. The Contract Signature Ceremonies were attended by the Council's member Dr. Ja'far Labani and the Councilor of the Shura Council President Mr. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al Solaiman, the President's Office Manager - Dr. Mehana bin Solaiman Al Mehana and the Computer Department Manger Mr. Khaled Al Shemeimery
Dr. Al-Nomay Meets Minister of Education.
During his recent visit to Egypt, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nomay the General Manager of Harf visited Dr. Ahmad Gamal Al-Din, Egyptian Minister of Education, to propose the application of Tadarus system in the Ministry; The system is now being set up and practically tested in the Ministry. They have also discussed the E-book project, which excited the Minister and now upon his request the project is being prepared to be applied in the Egyptian schools.
Qatari Islamic Affairs Minister, Sheikh Faisal bin 'Abdullah Al Mahmoud visits Harf in Cairo
In his visit to Harf Company, Minister of Islamic Affairs Sheikh Faisal bin 'Abdullah Al Mahmoud extolled the pioneering role of Harf in the field of Islamic services. In the reception of His Highness was Dr. Ibrahim Al Nomay, the General Manager of the company. Engineer Maher Harras, the General Manager of Harf in Cairo, reviewed the idea of the Islamic Data Bank before the Minister and his escorting delegate.
Engineer Mo'tasem 'Ayyash - Harf Technical Manager explained the importance of electronic government and its role in facilitating the services of the Qatari Awqaf Ministry. He presented several systems relevant to digitizing the religious heritage and distribution of this heritage in various forms. At the end of his visit, His Highness, highlighted the necessity of sustaining co-operation between both sides.
His Excellency Dr. Essam El-Basheer
At Harf in Cairo On his first visit to Harf, His Excellency the Sudanese Minister of Islamic Affairs expressed the importance of the pivotal role played by Harf. He said, Harf draws from the sea, while the others draw from waterwheels. During his visit to the company premises in Nasr City Free Zone in Cairo, on Thursday April 21st that was attended by Harf departmental managers.
Dr. Essam Al-Basheer expressed overall happiness with the cooperation with Harf to adapt technology to serve Islam and Muslims. At the end of the meeting, his Excellency the Minister indicated the necessity of cooperation and focus with major Islamic organizations, such as the International Islamic Council for Daawah and Relief, the League of Islamic Universities, and the General Secretariat of Endowments Ministries so as to serve Islam and enhance the current and future status of Muslims.
Dr. Al Nomay at Al-Azhar Headquarters
During his recent visit to Cairo, Harf General Manager, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nomay, visited Al-Azhar Administration Headquarters and met with His Eminence Dr. Muhammad Sayed Tantawy, Sheikh of Al-Azhar. Dr. Tantawy commended the programs developed by Harf, and expressed his satisfaction and admiration regarding the content of the programs, which have previously been approved by Al-Azhar.
Dr. Adel Abd-Allah Al-Fallah In Harf Cairo
On the very same day, Harf was honored with a visit by Dr. Adel Abd-Allah Al-Fallah, Undersecretary of the Endowments and Islamic Affairs Ministry of the State of Kuwait. After viewing the Islamic Encyclopedia and other major projects during his field tour around the sections of Harf on Thursday April 21st, His Excellency Dr. Adel Al-Fallah commended the company achievements and the quality of its services it renders to Islam and to the society.
His Excellency made some vital suggestions for taking advantage of the company's services in the field of Geographical Information System (GIS) and web e- services that can be carried out for the concerned ministries in the State of Kuwait
Harf delegation visit The great scholar Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi
Sheikh Al-Qaradawi highly praised the company and its efforts. He also commended the Islamic Economy Encyclopedia which the company is about to produce. He also commended Harf's role in serving Islam and Muslims. Dr. Ibrahim Salih AlN Nomay, Harf General Manager made a statement to the Qatari Rayah Gazette and Al-Ahram Al-'Arabi in which he presented an inclusive presentation on Harf Company and its productions. The statement of Harf General Manager was published later in Qatari Rayah Gazette in its issue of 13 6 - 2005
Dr. Al Nomay meets with the Deputy Head of Al-Azhar
Dr. Al-Nomay - following his meeting with Sheikh Al-Azhar - held a meeting with Dr. Mahmoud Imbaby, the Deputy Head of Al-Azhar. The meeting was also attended by a number of Harf administrative bodies and officials, among them Engineer Maged Hegazy; Harf Marketing Manager, and Mr. Ibrahim Abd El-Gabeer; Harf Administrative Manager. The attendees confirmed the necessity of reinforcing ties between both institutions.