The Holy Qur’an

Short description

  • A New Release of the first most prominent and prevalent programs produced by Harf Information Technology.
  • Display of the Qur’anic Text in Uthmanic Calligraphy with all its features and in accordance with the copy of the Madinah Mushaf.
  • Eight Interpretations of the Qur’an in Arabic are also Included: (At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi, Ibn Kathir, Al-Jalalain, Zubdat At-Tafasir, Tafsir As-Sa‘di, At-Tafsir Al-Muyassar and At-Tafsir Al-Muntakhab).
  • Interpretations Translated into non-Arabic Languages: (Al-Muntakhab translated into English and French, and Al-Jalalain translated into Malay and Indonesian), in addition to the Turkish Interpretation made by Malili, and the Indonesian interpretation prepared by the Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  • Displaying the Occasions of Revelation in three Languages: Arabic, Indonesian and Malay.
  • Explanation of the Difficult Words of the Qur’an.
  • The translation of the Qur’an and the Program Interface into: English, French, German, Turkish, Indonesian and Malay.
  • Memorization of the Qur’an through listening to the recitation of a group of verses and the repetition of the recitation, as well as testing one’s memorization in more than one level.
  • Accurate Textual Search by using Harf language techniques to search for a word or a sentence in the Qur’anic text, the interpretations or the translations.
  • Topical Search through a subject tree gathering all the Qur’anic subjects.
  • A Practical Audio and Video Explanation of the places of articulation of the Arabic alphabets, in addition to the explanation of the rules of Qur’anic recitation and providing explanatory examples for these rules.

Long description

  • Display of the Qur’anic Text in Uthmanic Calligraphy in accordance with the Madinah Mushaf.
  • Qur’anic recitation by Sheikh Muhammad Siddiq Al-Minshawi (a second CD has the recitation by Sheikh Muhammad Ayoub)
  • Seven Interpretations of the Qur’an in Arabic, (At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi, Ibn Kathir, Al-Jalalain, Zubdatut-Tafasir, At-Tafsir Al-Muyassar and Tafsirul-Muntakhab), in addition to the translation of Tafsir Al-Muntakhab in two languages, English and French, and Tafsir Al-Jalalain in Malay and Indonesian.
  • The translations of the meanings of the Qur’an into 1- English 2- French 3- German 4- Turkish 5- Malay 6- Indonesian
  • The Occasions of Revelation of Qur’anic verses in Arabic, Malay and Indonesian.
  • Explanation of difficult words of the Qur’an, in Arabic, Malay and Indonesian
  • The programme is distinguished with powerful textual search in the Qur’anic text using language analysis techniques for a word or sentence at different levels.
  • Topical Search through a subject tree consisting of 14 main topics, each branching into main subjects, then secondary subjects in six levels, covering a total of more than 1400 final subjects.
  • The user can perform all search types in the whole Qur’anic text or in a selected range (chosen by the user).
  • The user may also choose to only search the text of the interpretations (tafsir).
  • The programme also presents a theoretical and practical explanation of the places of articulation of the letters of the Arabic alphabets and the correct way of pronunciation, to help the user learn the correct recitation of the Qur’anic text.
  • The programme offers a detailed explanation of the rules of recitation with many different examples from the Qur’anic text, and the user hears the correct recitation of each rule in the Sheikh’s voice.
  • The programme allows the user to change the interface language and select one from among the following languages: 1- Arabic 2- English 3- French 4- German 5- Turkish 6- Malay 7- Indonesian

Favorite path throuh product

Display- Al-Fatihah or continue recitation – Display Screen- through the screen, you can display the following: the Index, Recitation, Explanation of Difficult Words, Tafsir, Translation, and the related topics together with the option of copying the text.

Short description of the reason for production

There is a general reason for the development of our programs, which is to serve Islam and Muslims, and to disseminate Islamic heritage and culture using the latest electronic devices, in order that the access to Islamic heritage becomes available with the technology of our modern age and its new devices.

The Holy Qur’an program was developed to serve Allah’s Book and to offer a digital way for the recitation of the Holy Qur’an with its rules of recitation together with a quick search of its text and topics. The program also aims at offering the translations of the meanings of the Holy Qur’an with its rules and interpretations to non-Arab Muslims in different languages.