The Prophet’s Sunnah Encyclopedia

One of the largest projects undertaken by Harf to serve the Islamic world in general, and for students of science in particular, which was an extension of its mission to provide the best Islamic programs to serve Islamic sciences.

This program is a qualitative shift in the service of the Prophetic Sunnah and its sciences, as it tends to a new direction based on the qualitative service - not quantity - for the Prophetic Sunnah, in its various scientific services, Provide researchers in the science of the Sunnah a lot of effort and time.

Program Features:

  • Serves (33) books of mothers of the Sunnah books. Accompanied by (75) service books related to the science of the Sunnah and others.
  • Graduation of the ahaadeeth altogether, mentioning the part, the page and the number, and a medium that increases by the mention of the book, the chapter, and the orbit of the hadith, and in detail by the mention of the differences in attribution and in the Matn of the hadith, And the causes of the ills related to the way of Hadith's men (Ahl al-Hadeeth).
  • Arranging the sources in the intermediate and detailed graduations in accordance with the complete follow-up and the minor, or the authenticity of the books, or to match the words of the original version of the Prophet's Hadith, or the Date of death of the authors, or any orbit chosen by the researcher from the Hadiths orbits if they are multiple.
  • Displaying of verbal and incorporeal testimonies for all the Hadiths of the program.
  • A comprehensive and complete service for Narrators of Hadiths, with amazing capabilities, unique to this program. Such as constructing the transmitted chains and displaying their Hadiths, the scientific benefits related to each narrator, the relations between the narrators and their results, the narrator's classifications, and so on.