Harf contracted with the Arabic language complex in Cairo

Harf succeeded in signing a contract with the Arabic Language complex in Cairo to benefit from the experiences of Harf Technology in the field of processing and analyzing the Arabic language automatically.

Under this contract, the company supplies the complex with one of the Arabic language processing programs developed by the company for use in the project of the complex to produce the "lexicon of the language of poetry", a lexicon that addresses the vocabulary of Arabic poetry in its different ages and the development of the use of language from one age to another.

The great writer and secretary general of the Arabic Language complex, Mr. Farouk Shousha, expressed his gratitude for the company's cooperation with the complex and hoped that this contract would be the beginning of the work between the company and the complex later.

For his part, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Nommai, General Manager of Harf, said that the real value of this contract is in the great position of the complex as the largest linguistic reference in the Arab world, and that gives a weight to our linguistic products in the competition market.

Harf hopes that this work will be the beginning of fruitful and continuous cooperation with the Arabic Language Complex, the prestigious scientific edifice in Cairo.