Development of electronic courses

The task of providing curricula for educational institutions is one of the main problems for educational institutions, as each has different content and educational methodology different from the other. Everyone agrees on the need to build interactive and attractive curricula that help the learner to absorb information and skills.

From this point of view, Harf company has recommended the instructional designers, technical designers, trainers and developers of educational programs and courses in the company to build courses or electronic curricula, but according to the needs of different parties in universities, schools and training centers.

At the same time, we are transforming traditional classroom curricula, or in a non-interactive digital format, into e-learning courses in the Internet environment and are compatible with e-learning systems. We can also provide translation services to any of the known languages.

The course can contain interactive simulations, such as case study, games, training and practice, tests, commenting on answers, and all multimedia works. In each unit of the course, we create educational experience that ensures that the learner understands the information and skills required to learn.

The company undertakes all the development of the electronic courses on the following stages:

  1. Instructional design, technical writing, graphic development, authoring, and programming.
  2. Install the course in the client's server or place it on the laser disks.

The electronic courses developed in the company are compatible with the standards of e-learning such as SCORM, making it easier to work across different e-learning systems.