Internet Sites and Projects
Harf designs Portals and Web sites requested by institutions, organizations and individuals using the latest IT technologies. Sites are built in a standardized way, which facilitates their browsing, update and management. The client receives the product together with a “Content Management System”, which does not require special technical skills for operation and update. (Web Site Building Service)
Harf has a specialized technical team at the highest level of training, with several programmers internationally certified in different fields.
This team enables the company to offer its solutions through a wide range of technologies (C, C++, Java, .Net, PhP, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2) to support different working environments according to the client’s request and working needs.

The Company also prepares specialized encyclopedias for publishing on CDs or the Internet, enhanced with a full range of services including: data entry, linguistic revision, diacritical marking of texts, thematic division, indexing information elements within the text, referencing of Qur’anic verses and hadiths, and editing HTML or XML pages ready for Internet publishing while at the same time preparing the book/encyclopedia in a print-ready format for immediate printing. The company also provides translation services, scientific authentication and the production of promotional presentations as additional support services for its clients.